Tentang Kami

PT Bio Collections Plus sebagai pemegang merek dagang BioTonic berdiri sejak tahun 2002 di kota Jakarta, Indonesia. Perusahaan ini memiliki fokus usaha dalam bidang kosmetik. Memiliki jalur distribusi di seluruh Indonesia, PT Bio Collection Plus terus mengembangkan usahanya dengan menambahkan produk-produk terbaik untuk Anda.

BioTonic is birth in 2004 to fill the need of Indonesian people for a high quality hair tonic that can be used daily and give results for the users. As the commitment of the company to set the bar high focusing on providing highest quality product available, the company redeveloped and reformulated BioTonic in 2007. As the result, people began to love the product more.

In 2009, the company launched two products: Amorté Hair Parfume and BioTonic Smoother. Which then followed by BioTonic Ultimo Shampoo in 2012. All the products of BioTonic are available in various shopping malls and cosmetic stores all over Indonesia. BioTonic products are also available on some of the largest e-commerce in the country. For more information regarding the products and the opportunity to distribute the products, please contact us via this contact page.