BioTonic Smoother

BioTonic Smoother is formulated both for hair and skin that are dry and damaged. BioTonic Smoother with ‘Dry Hair Repairing Complex System’ gives perfect humidity that is needed to recover damaged and dry hair tissue. Besides that, BioTonic Smoother can also be used as hand & body lotion to make skin healthy and smooth.

Here are some usefulness of BioTonic Smoother:

  1. To give a perfect humidity for dry and damaged hair to recover and protect the hair from sunlight, pollution and oxidation.
  2. To keep the skin hydrated and supple so that the skin will be healthier and prevent scaling skin.
  3. Contain keratin and Vitamin that is useful to protect and keep hair and skin healthy.
  4. To make hair easier to style, smooth and shine.
  5. Can be used everyday with no side effect.

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