Daily Hair Tonic comes from Nature

Suitable for all type of Hair

BioTonic is designed according to normal hair type of oriental population. Many ingredients come from natural and pure. With additional extract like Chinae, Aloe Vera, Tinc Capsici, it provides multiple treatment effects, which can repair damaged part of the hair and skin head, also make hair become soft, smooth, beautiful, healthy, energetic and shiny.


Put the hair tonic on your scalp daily after drying your hair with gently massage your head. The usage of a soft and compatible comb will help. Use enough amount of the BioTonic to make sure the effect works as expected.


Prevent baldness, strengthen hair root, make your hair healthier, shiny and beautiful, eliminate odours, provide good nutrients for the hair.

Capsici extract, Chinae Cortex extract, Oleum Ricini, Aetanolum 96%, Aloe Vera Gel, Panacis Cochleatum Fol.extract, Pandan Amaryll Fol., Ol. Lavandulae extract, Tea Tree Oil.

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